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On my iMac (with os x 10.8.2) this program isnt able to be launched! I hope that the developers can fix this!

good with flaws

The overall game is great, but there arent many ways to earn coins. There should be a freeplay play mode where you just earn coins.

Look Good so far

I have hard time to control the plane with the mouse, I will try joystick just in case it is better. Othervise look great to me, thanks

Does not work “add coins"

Does not work “add coins” just rotaiting “waiting animation” and nothing

Does Not Open

I downloaded this game, I went to open it, and it wont open. So I deleted it, and redownloaded it. It still wont open. Sent a report to Apple. Hopefully it gets patched soon. But if not, at least it was free...

Fantastic Flying Fun

Being a huge airplane person, I thought this looked like a fun game to burn time with. Sometimes you need a fun game thats simple, and this one delivers! Works with my Logitech game pad, which makes this game much more playable. The graphics look great, especialy on a Macbook Pro with a Retina display. The only problem I have is that I have yet to get the online portion to work. It just sits hunting for players, yet never finds them. Kind of hard to make lots of coins when I cant compete against others! Fix that and I would rate this fun flying app 5 stars!

Doesnt launch

The app downloads to my Mountain Lion (OS X v10.8.2) Macbook Pro but will not launch. I have tried re-downloading but I get the same erro message each time. I see others have the same issue.

Cute, Fun, and Great GUI

I like this game a lot. So many flight simulator games have complex interfaces, but this one flies fine with just a mouse. One gets bored quickly, though. The three maps get old fast, and theres rarely anyone online to dogfight against. Popping balloons isnt a challenge for very long, either. There ought to be a new map where you can shoot at AI airplanes and strafe real targets, like ground vehicles, boats, and gun emplacements. With more content added, this game could be really great!

love it!!!

its so fun! but in-app purchases wont work


My Son and I love this game. Please upgrade with more levels of play, Planes by type, or dogfights againts the computer with other planes...


This game is just fine. I do wish the multiplayer mode actually worked, and from other reviews i see it is not a problem with just my computer. i just cant do any dogfighting. *Tip* instead of doing the race to earn coins, just practice the race by clicking the graduate hat at the bottom left hand of the screen after choosing where to race. that way, you get 50 extra coins if you do the second lesson well, plus all of the coins you get from passing through the cones in an actual race. doing this is the fastest way to get coins at an average per minute, even surpassing a ballon hunt.

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